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Nosferadon -A planet’s last chance at survival!

Nosferadon was designed by the inhabitants of his home planet to stop the Griffixis creature unfortunately there was not enough time. As the monster was laying waste to the planet they shot Nosferadon’s egg into space hoping that one day it could save another planet from the cruel fate that had fallen theirs.

Eventually, the egg landed on earth and was discovered by a young Jewish boy in 1930’s Germany named Wolf. As Nosferadon hatched he created a bond with Wolf. After Wolf’s parents were taken away Nosferadon and Wolf both set out trying to find them while also knowing that one day the Griffixis pathogen could come to Earth and Nosferadon would have to live up to his destiny of stopping it.

Nosferadon is the second monster in the Titanic Creation’s Soul Wars series. The figure stands 6.5” tall and is 12” long and comes with 5 points of articulation.

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