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Woodland Park, CO, February 2, 2018 –  Titantic Creations, LLC has announced the launch of its newest creation, the Titanicus figurine beginning today, February 2, 2018.  The Titanicus will launch via Kickstarter, beginning at 12:00 pm EST.

“Titanic Creations is very excited to offer Titanicus, the first of a new line of Kaiju statues to a worldwide audience,” said Mac McClintock, President and Founder of Titantic Creations.  “Titanicus offers collectors a unique and exclusive high-detail figure that will be a great addition to any collection.   We are very optimistic about this creation based on public responses and comments to this new line.”

Titanic Creations wanted to create high-detail Kaiju figures that would draw awe from consumers.  That is why the company teamed with well-known 3D Kaiju artist Dopepope, who sculpted Titanicus.  Every single millimeter is detailed to absolute perfection.


Titantic Creations


The company also reached out to comic book artist Brendon Purchase, who illustrated a short 8-page origin comic that will be included with each figure.  This way fans can learn who Titanicus is and can associate a story with this beautiful statue.

In anticipation for this launch, Titantic Creations plans to use the funds raised to produce 1000 Titanic figurines.  The figurine stands at 30 cm (11.8 “) tall and 70 cm (27.5”) long.

Initial pricing for the Kickstarter is as follows:

$10    –  24-page Titanicus Comic Book
$25    –  Titanicus T-Shirt
$100  –  Early Bird Titanicus figurine* (Limited to first 50 people)
$125  –  Titanicus figurine*
$150  –  Titanicus figurine*, 24-page comic book and T-Shirt included

*comes with an 8-page origin comic

Domestic shipping and handling is $20.  International shipping and handling is $50.

Pre orders of Titanicus, comic books and T-Shirts can be made online at this address: