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The past five years have all been building upon this, and it is finally here SOUL WAR!

Read the first 8 Pages here!

This 180-page graphic novel will tell the story of all your favorite Titanic Creations Kaiju and even a few more. Order this weekend, and the author will personally sign the book.


After the events of Titanicus #0 and Nosferadon #1, we find Wolf and Nosferadon desperately searching for his parents, whom the Nazi regime has taken. Meanwhile, in Africa, a new ancient super weapon has been discovered, and with it in the wrong hands, there is no telling what could happen. All while this is happening, an alien from a distant world has landed in North America, slowly adapting to become the planet’s new Apex species. How will humanity survive? Find out in Soul War!


3 reviews for Soul War Graphic Novel

  1. Atomic Goji

    An absolutely fun filled Kaiju comic with an amazing story and great characters. The kaiju have such personality and give these fan made kaiju figures such life can’t wait for more!!!

  2. Stephen Collins (verified owner)

    The action in this graphic novel is amazing! If you love original kaiju and giant monster fights and human drama, this graphic novel is definitely for you!!! I cannot wait to the second issue!!!

  3. Ty Sebra

    The action is amazing and non stop right from the beginning, this novels greatest strength is its ability to capture so much kaiju action while also not taking away any of the characters moments, arks, and developments. This book also has great cast of characters that all have different personalities. I really think this is a must for any kaiju fan and finally seeing the Titanic creations kaiju involved in an action packed story and there origins is fantastic.

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