Soul War Graphic Novel





PREORDER: Ships Early February 2023

The past five years have all been building upon this, and it is finally here SOUL WAR!

Read the first 8 Pages here!

This 180-page graphic novel will tell the story of all your favorite Titanic Creations Kaiju and even a few more. Order this weekend, and the author will personally sign the book.


After the events of Titanicus #0 and Nosferadon #1, we find Wolf and Nosferadon desperately searching for his parents, whom the Nazi regime has taken. Meanwhile, in Africa, a new ancient super weapon has been discovered, and with it in the wrong hands, there is no telling what could happen. All while this is happening, an alien from a distant world has landed in North America, slowly adapting to become the planet’s new Apex species. How will humanity survive? Find out in Soul War!


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