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The past five years have all been building upon this, and it is finally here SOUL WAR!

Read the first 8 Pages here!

This 180-page graphic novel will tell the story of all your favorite Titanic Creations Kaiju and even a few more. Order this weekend, and the author will personally sign the book.


After the events of Titanicus #0 and Nosferadon #1, we find Wolf and Nosferadon desperately searching for his parents, whom the Nazi regime has taken. Meanwhile, in Africa, a new ancient super weapon has been discovered, and with it in the wrong hands, there is no telling what could happen. All while this is happening, an alien from a distant world has landed in North America, slowly adapting to become the planet’s new Apex species. How will humanity survive? Find out in Soul War!


14 reviews for Soul War Graphic Novel

  1. Atomic Goji

    An absolutely fun filled Kaiju comic with an amazing story and great characters. The kaiju have such personality and give these fan made kaiju figures such life can’t wait for more!!!

  2. Stephen Collins

    The action in this graphic novel is amazing! If you love original kaiju and giant monster fights and human drama, this graphic novel is definitely for you!!! I cannot wait to the second issue!!!

  3. Ty Sebra

    The action is amazing and non stop right from the beginning, this novels greatest strength is its ability to capture so much kaiju action while also not taking away any of the characters moments, arks, and developments. This book also has great cast of characters that all have different personalities. I really think this is a must for any kaiju fan and finally seeing the Titanic creations kaiju involved in an action packed story and there origins is fantastic.

  4. Brian Wood

    An incredible graphic novel in the vein of the movies Godzilla vs. Kong and Rampage. Great artwork, great story, great human characters, and of course, great monster action. Seeing these original figures come to life is quite an experience that I hope more people will support in the future because Titanic Creations has knocked it out of the park and look forward to see what they have planned next.

  5. Adam Griffin

    As a fan of Griffins, sci-fi, kaiju action, and as a grandson of a German Jew who fled Nazi Germany, this was as entertaining as it was cathartic. I knew I would like it (because Titanic Creations puts out stellar stuff) but I didn’t realize I’d be captivated to the point of reading it all in one sitting. SO glad I bought this.

  6. Stephen Collins

    I have read through this graphic novel twice since I got it in the mail, which was today. Once to read it from start to finish. The second time was to admire the amazing art work displayed in in this comic. It is well work the buy and read if you are a BIG KAIJU FAN! 5 stars from me!!

  7. Marc Labhart

    This book is just great, exciting from beginning to end, awesome characters and story and not to forget the beautiful artworks.
    It’s cool to finally learn more about the creatures of Titanic Creations about their history, abilities and everything else.
    So if you buy the figures of Titanicus, Nosferadon, Skureaus, Griffixis or even all four together, be sure to add Soul War novel to your purchase too, it is totally worth it and you are helping these talented people a lot.

  8. Michael McGaughey

    Glorious art, refreshing story, and a unique style make this is one of the best comics out there.

  9. William Evans

    Fantastic graphic novel with lots of action and great art. Read through a few times already and love to reread whenever I have the time.

  10. John Gallagher

    One of the greatest comics i’ve ever read.

  11. Jack Emmert

    A fun kaiju romp with incredibly fascinating kaiju. Rather than going with the “one explanation for kaiju” (such as Pacific Rim), Soul War creates different origins for all the kaiju – each hints at a much vaster world just waiting to be explored. And the comic also introduces a number of interesting human characters & motivations.

    A real treat for any kaiju lover.

  12. Kyle Arroyo

    What a graphic novel.
    Amazing art and story. Brutal, dynamic Kaiju fights.
    Kaiju and human characters have depth and personality.
    You can really feel the love, care, and effort that went into Soul War. Made by fans, for the fans.
    Some panels were like a Cannibal Corpse album cover… and it made my heart skip multiple beats.
    Just outstanding.
    I absolutely cannot wait for more content in the future!!!

  13. jacobthalasinos1

    An absolute blast! Picked this up at a convention the Titanic Creations crew we’re at and I devoured the graphic novel in two days! Great pacing, fun action, interesting world building and exciting set up for more stuff later, which I can’t wait for! Definitely recommend it for any Kaiju fan, or just fans of good comic stuff in general!

  14. Jorge Romero

    I could finally get this cómic yesterday and it is indeed an epic art piece!! Both kaiju and human action is pretty descent and well developed, specially for the main character Wolf who is really badass and both Titanicus and Nosferadon are pretty badass as good guys and are like a reference of both Godzilla (Titanicus) and Gamera (Nosferadon, for the fact that it has connection with a youngster just like turtle guy). Pretty nice story involving a hunt for Nazis, Kaiju and Alien invaders. And the art is pretty nice as well!

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