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Yongary, designed by DopePope, comes with 26 points of articulation and a deluxe, see-through display box designed by Matt Frank!

Available on: November 30, 2024 at 4:22 pm

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Titanic Creations is proud to bring you Yongary!


The first officially licensed, fully articulated Yongary figure is here!

Yongary stands 6” tall and 12” long and has 26 points of articulation. The figure comes in Titanic Creation’s deluxe see-through display box, designed by Matt Frank! The highly detailed sculpt is done by Dopepope and is the first completely film-authentic sculpt ever produced.

Production on Yongary will begin after 200 pre-orders have been reached. If this goal is not reached by June 30th, all orders will be refunded.

In addition, as we attract more backers, more add-ons will become available, as broken down below.

  • 200 – Production Begins! *Unlocked*
  • 250 – Unlock Flame Breathe Add-On! *Unlocked*
  • 300 – Unlocks Laser Horn Add-On! *Unlocked*
  • 350 – Unlocks Helicopter Add-On! *Unlocked*
  • 400 – Unlocks Tanks (Set of 3) Add-On! *Unlocked*
  • 500 – Unlocks Jets (Set of 3) Add-On! *Unlocked*
  • 550 – Oil Storage Tank (Set of 3) Add-On! *Unlocked*
  • 600 – Sungnyemun Gate Add-On! *Unlocked*
  • 650 – Destructible Bridge Add-on! *Unlocked*

796 Orders Placed!

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